Commissioning a painting and prices

"Commissioning a portrait is a very easy and straightforward process - it involves me spending roughly an hour, taking as many photos as I need and maybe some sketches for reference [few people have time these days to sit for several sessions until a painting is complete]. After we are confident that I have enough reference to capture the character and likeness, I will start the painting."

Commission a painting and create a family heirloom                                 by Richard Greaves

"This is how it usually works:

✎ Contact me to discuss details and price [please see   contact form below].

✎ We can then arrange to meet at your [the subject's] house or at my studio if you prefer, where I can get to know the subject and take photos for reference. At this stage, a 25% deposit is required.

✎ The process of painting the portrait will take several weeks or more, but I will advise you during this meeting roughly how much time is needed to complete your painting, based on its' size and complexity and my schedule.

✎ Usually at a second meeting I will show you a full-sized drawing based on our discussions and my reference photos, depending on the complexity of the portrait. This is in order that you may get a clear idea of how the finished painting will look. During the process it is possible to see sketches and view the painting at various stages of completion. 

✎ When your painting is finished I will arrange another meeting whereupon you are either delighted with the picture - or I take it away and make changes -  either way you only pay the balance when you are completely satisfied.


Congratulations will be in order - you have done a very special thing - you now have a cherished portrait - quite a precious object, something the family will treasure and friends will admire - and it really will become an heirloom!"

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 If you need more information, or are interested in commissioning Richard, please use the form below.

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