My 30 Day Challenge !

Day1: Adele1Day2: CliffDay3: RussellDay4: NikDay5: JanDay6: RubyDay7: NickDay8: MollyDay9: Adele2Day10: PaulDay11: MargaretDay12: TomDay13: Self [sitting]Day14: CarolynDay15: JonDay16: StephDay17: PeterDay18: AdrianDay19: MariaDay20: TimDay21: SuzannaDay22: JamesDay23: Paul SDay24: JonathanDay25: LoisDay26: LiilyDay27: TheoDay28: Connie [sitting]Day29: EllieDay30: Paul [sitting]

My style is kind of classical - it is popular, I’ve been told “Caravaggio-esque”! - it is also very time consuming. To satisfy my own ambitions, I wanted to integrate into my style a looser, more painterly approach.

On a suggestion from Heatherley's brilliant tutor Fred Crayk [] I set myself an interesting challenge to paint 30 different portraits in 30 days - the aim was to spend no longer than 2 hours on each - an almost impossible task intended to force me to paint faster and looser and in one session.
Because of the block of days/time needed to complete such a task, I put off starting this enormous project until - a year and a half after Fred’s suggestion I finally decided that come what may I would do this - even if it meant taking the challenge with me if I was away from home!
This is exactly what happened and some of the portraits were done in my farmhousein Normandy - each one after a hard day’s work of dusty building and renovating! - Oh don't artists suffer for their work?!!!

My 30 Day Challenge has generated lots of interest - so many people following and encouraging my progress day by day on Facebook - I’m going to have an exhibition so anyone can come along, see the progression and ask me more about the journey and what effect it has had on my work:


Special Viewing on Friday 7th April!

TheExhibition will be called'30 Days’[of course] If you cant make the SV there’s achance to see and discuss the exhibit ion with me on Sat 6th May 12pm - 2pm & Sat 12th May 2pm - 4pm

Insight School of Art 122-128 Lancaster Road, New Barnet, Herts EN4 8AL

[Click HERE for a map]

Here are all 30 portraits in order.

Most were done from photos, some were done from live sittings: click on an image for a better view:

Rory Tyger 2020